Red Card Procedures
Coaches responsibilities
Coaches will notify the Red Card Chairman when one of their players or
coaches receives a red card. You can notify the Chairman within 48 hours by the following ways:
1.          Scan and e-mail   To: Ray Chassereau @ raidersfields@yahoo.com
2.        Mail to: GYSA RED CARD   5850 15th Street N   Saint Petersburg, FL  33703
Coaches can view Red card Violations on the GYSA website at www.soccergysa.org  under Red Card Reports.
Coaches must make certain that suspended players are noted properly on the game reports.
Game reports should be e-mailed or mailed to the address listed on the Game Report.
Red card violators will be eligible to play once their games served are posted.
It is the Coach’s responsibility to make sure the game reports of the suspended player or coach is submitted to the Red Card Chairman. The player is not eligible to play until the Chairman can verify the suspension has been met.
Referees responsibilities:
Please notify the Red Card Chairman, within 48 hours of the game.
Notification can take place by the following means in order of preference:
1. Send Game report to: Scan and e-mail To:   Ray Chassereau @ raidersfields@yahoo.com
2. Mail to: GYSA RED CARD   5850 15th Street N   Saint Petersburg, FL 33703

Note: This website is only for games that have a Red Card offense or
any other reason in which you want GYSA Leadership to know
about circumstances that happened during a game
Referee Score & Red Card Reporting U14 & Above



This form needs to be send to GYSA within 48 hours of the end of the game


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U16 Boys

U19’s Both Boys and Girls




Players & Coaches Red Card Penalties


Pass # First Name Last Name Club Age Group/Team Offense Games Date of offense Served
      PPY U14 B/441 S 2 4 GM    
1929698 Caden Cihak WWF(PHY) U16 B/661 S 6 3 GM 11/08/14 11/15, 12/06, 12/13
1955120 Morgan DeCaro PPY U15 G/571 S7 1 GM 11/22/14 12/6/14
742681 Nicholas Sprague DUN U19 B/941 S7 1 GM 11/22/14 12/6/14
1920916 Zachary Heimann WWF(PHY) U19 B/961 S2,S6 4 GM 11/22/14 12/20/14, 1/24/15
1934645 Argun Spinivafan WWF(PHY) U19 B/961 S5 1 GM 11/22/14 12/6/14
1935166 Jessica Pichardo SSS U19G/971 S6,S7 4 GM 12/6/14  
2243175 Samantha O'Connor SSS U19G/971 S6 1 GM 12/6/14 12/13/14
5853251 Jeremy Acevedo PPY U19 B/941 S6 3 GM 12/13/14  
1916502 Daniel Giordano WWF(EL) U19 B/941 S6 3 GM 12/20/14 1/10/15, 1/17/15, 1/24/15
6863086 Tyler Passman PPY U19 B/941 S7 1 GM 12/20/14 1/10/15
4053936 Thomas Sanders SYA U16 B/641 S1, S6 4 GM 01/10/15 1/17/15, 1/24/15
2596323 Fatima Villadares PPY U15 G/571 S6 1 GM 01/17/15  
1954664 Lawrence Passariello PPY U16 B/641 S7 1 GM 01/17/15 1/24/15
1928169 Cameron Zimlin OLS U16 B/641 S7 1 GM 01/17/15 1/24/15
GYSA CUP RED CARDS                
1920916 Zachary Heimann WWF(PHY) U16B/661 S7,S6 4 GM 2/16/2013 (gm 2 ) 02/17, 3/2/13, 12/6 ,12/13/14
Pass # First Name Last Name Club Age Group/Team Offense Games Date of offense Served
2487678 Eric Albert SYA U14 B/441 S 6, S 8 2 YRS 12/14/13  
Definition of Offense Codes
Offense Codes
C1 - Unsporting Behavior (UB)
C2 - Dissent by word or action (DT)
C3 - Persistent Infringement (PI)
C4 - Delays restart (DR)
C5 - Fails to respect distance (FRD)
C6 - Enters/Re-enters field (E)
C7 - Deliberately leaves field (L)
S1 - Serious Foul Play (SFP)
S2 - Violent conduct (VC)
S3 - Spits at or on other person (S)
S4 - Denies opportunity by hand ball (DGH)
S5 - Denies opportunity by FK/PK offense (DGF)
S6 - Offensive, insulting or abusive language (AL)
S7 - Second caution in same match (2CT)
S8 – Referee contact/assult(502.6.2)


Ray Chassereau


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